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At Catman Cellars we believe wine is more than a beverage; it is a catalyst for the admirable human traits of sharing, socializing and celebration. Just as every wine has its own structure and personality, every wine lover finds ways to appreciate wine that are uniquely personal.

We invite you to try these wines, all special to us, and hope they will become favorites of yours.

2016 Sauvignon Blanc    $28
Willamette Valley

A nose of bright tropical fruits with complex pineapple, passion fruit and citrus flavors, and a long, clean, balanced finish.

2015 Barbera    $32
Columbia Valley

Blackberry, vanilla, leather, cranberry, and cloves combine in a rapturous merger with a rich lingering finish.

2015 Zinfandel    $36
Rattlesnake Hills, Columbia Valley

Full bodied wine with notes of fruit, spice, dark cherry and pepper.

2016 Pinot Rose    $28
Chehalem Mountain

This Rose is blessed with a signature bouquet of fresh flowers and just-picked strawberries, with flavors of succulent peaches and red berries.

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon    $32
Rattlesnake Hills, Columbia Valley

Rich and polished with essence of blackberry, tobacco with a soft and smooth peppery finish.

2015 Tempranillo    $36
Umpqua Valley

A bright ruby red wine, flavors and aromas of plum, cherry, vanilla and earthy. Finish is mild and smooth.

2015 Pinot Noir    $32
Chehalem Mountain

Aged in French oak, it yields aromas and flavors of fruit, spice, clove and vanilla. Medium acid and tannins, smooth finish.

2015 Malbec    $32
Rattlesnake Hills, Columbia Valley

Look for such dark fruit flavors as blackberry, plum, and black cherry, tempered with milk chocolate, cocoa powder, leather and hints of sweet tobacco.

2016 Zinfandel Ruby (Port Style)   $38
Columbia Valley

All of the sumptuous richness of Zinfandel with the touch of sweetness that makes Port an exquisite finale for a splendid meal.

Grape Sources

Umpqua Valley AVA

Over 150 soil types are derived from a mix of metamorphic, sedimentary and volcanic rock. The valley floor levels have mostly deep alluvial or heavy clay materials, while the hillsides and bench locations have mixed alluvial, silt or clay structures – all typically excellent for wine growing.

Rattlesnake Hills AVA

Fine, shallow silt loam soils left over from the ice age are the norm here. Sandier soils surround the AVA, but the silt loam on top of the rock and flood formations here provide the perfect soil structure for quality grapes.

Chehalem Mountains AVA

This AVA combines uplifted sedimentary seabeds, lava flows, and wind-blown silt, resulting in some of the most diverse soils in wine country.

Willamette Valley AVA

All three important hillside soil types are represented: basaltic, ocean sedimentary and loess (blown lake bed sediment), the predominant soil on the northern face of the Chehalem Mountains. Within the almost 70,000 acres of this AVA are over 1,600 acres of grapes, grown in over 100 vineyards, and 31 wineries.


2016 Sauvignon Blanc Silver Medal

Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival, 2017

2015 Tempranillo Silver Medal

Oregon Wine Experience, 2017

2014 Tempranillo Gold Medal

Oregon Wine Experience, 2016

Bronze Medal

SIP Classic, 2016

2014 Zinfandel Gold Medal

Northwest Food & Wine Festival, 2015

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Medal

Northwest Food & Wine Festival, 2015

2013 Pinot Noir Bronze Medal

Northwest Food & Wine Festival, 2015

2012 Malbec Gold Medal

Oregon State Fair Competition, 2014

Silver Medal

Willamette Valley Wine Competition, 2014

2012 Barbera Gold Medal

Willamette Valley Wine Competition, 2014

Bronze Medal

Oregon State Fair Wine Competition, 2014

2012 Cabernet Franc Silver Medal

Willamette Valley Wine Competition, 2014

2012 Zinfandel Best of Show Red Wine

Oregon State Fair Wine Competition, 2014

Silver Medal

Willamette Valley Wine Competition, 2014